After spending a few days in Rome we were all set to head off to our next adventure in the gorgeous Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

We knew we were returning to Rome after spending a few days by the seaside; so it made no sense to lug our huge suitcases around there and back. All we needed was a couple of backpacks to carry some clothes and essentials.


I’d feel about as safe leaving my bag in the bushes of this park as most hotels

I know some hotels offer to keep your luggage for several days (if you are planning on returning to the same one), but many don’t; especially bed and breakfasts. Besides, unless they are very trusting of the hotel, most people feel anxious leaving their things at these spaces Read More

Did you know you’re not allowed to take pictures inside the Sistine Chapel?

Of course you did – everyone knows that, they make sure of it by telling you about 300 times before, during, and after you enter the chapel.

Obviously, about half of people don’t listen and try to take pictures. Most of them get away with it without a problem either as long as they do it discretely.

When my boyfriend and I went to the Vatican museum we didn’t get a tour – mistake number 1.

Tip: definitely take a tour if you’re going to the Vatican museums but MAKE SURE you prearrange it. People are going to be all over you; front, left, and center offering you this and that tour (in fact, I was about to punch a couple of them in the face) THIS was by far the most annoying thing I experienced in Italy. Worse than the men with the roses and worse than getting stranded with no resources for a night. Read More

If you’re in Tuscany and looking for a beach to visit on a day trip – most people will tell you that Viareggio is one of the best places to go.

It makes sense – it’s very easy to get to if you’re coming from most places like Florence or Pisa, and the view is beautiful – blue ocean, warm sun, a backdrop of snowy mountains, and adorable bars and shops all along the coastline. That’s not to say Viareggio doesn’t have its downfalls. Read More

This is a story about how I got stranded in one of the most beautiful places in the world with my boyfriend…

He and I decided to take the train to Venice from Florence one morning for a day trip and come back home in the evening. As I’ve mentioned before, our journey didn’t exactly start smoothly as we both got seasick within our first hour in the gorgeous city of canals.


These are views you never get sick of

Thankfully, we managed to bring our spirits back up and have an absolutely wonderful time. Around 7 PM, we thought it was the perfect time to head back to the train station in order to arrive home in Florence around 9.

We leisurely walked (avoiding all boats on account of being seasick) through the city, from San Marco Square to the train station.

There was just one small problem… There were no trains running until the next morning. Read More

As I’ve mentioned before, the Colosseum was the place I was most excited about visiting in Rome.

I’ve seen that giant structure in more pictures than I can count and heard about its history everywhere from school, to pop culture, to stories from friends and family.

The Colosseum is an absolutely magnificent amphitheater. Its construction began in 70 AD and completed in 80 AD. At its prime, the Colosseum could hold up to 80,000 people. This iconic Roman landmark was used for gladiator contests, animal hunts and other forms of entertainment for the emperors.

My boyfriend and I we’re both ecstatic Read More

The first time I went to Venice, I was a little nervous about getting seasick, (I’m very prone to motion sickness in general) so I took a gravol and had a fantastic time discovering the city.

As I mentioned before, the second visit I made to Venice was with my boyfriend. I thought about taking a gravol again just in case, but decided against it, since the first time I went the water was very still, and there was a lot of space around me on the water bus, a gravol didn’t seem necessary.

However this time, we landed on a packed water bus. My boyfriend and I had to stand and it was so crowded that there was nothing for us to hold on to. There are many stops on the way from the train station to San Marco Square, and each stop is a huge floating dock which the water bus gently bumps into in order to stop and let people on and off on their journeys.

At least it feels gentle when you’re sitting. When you’re standing each stop feels like a huge wave relentlessly rocking the big boat we were on. After the many bumpy stops, my boyfriend and I got off the boat seasick. Read More