Seasick in Venice, Italy

The first time I went to Venice, I was a little nervous about getting seasick, (I’m very prone to motion sickness in general) so I took a gravol and had a fantastic time discovering the city.

As I mentioned before, the second visit I made to Venice was with my boyfriend. I thought about taking a gravol again just in case, but decided against it, since the first time I went the water was very still, and there was a lot of space around me on the water bus, a gravol didn’t seem necessary.

However this time, we landed on a packed water bus. My boyfriend and I had to stand and it was so crowded that there was nothing for us to hold on to. There are many stops on the way from the train station to San Marco Square, and each stop is a huge floating dock which the water bus gently bumps into in order to stop and let people on and off on their journeys.

At least it feels gentle when you’re sitting. When you’re standing each stop feels like a huge wave relentlessly rocking the big boat we were on. After the many bumpy stops, my boyfriend and I got off the boat seasick.

So yes, contrary to popular belief. It is possible to get seasick in Venice. seasick-2

We shook it off after drinking some water and sitting down for a little while – but it could’ve been all avoided had I been cautious and taken a gravol. You really don’t want to spent two hours in the most beautiful and romantic place on earth not even being able to speak to each other because you want to puke your brains out.

My tip to you is: if you easily get motion sickness make sure you get a seat on those water buses, and preferably outside (it’s the best spot for you to breathe and for taking pictures).

Another option you have is taking the water taxis, they’re fast and won’t make any stops you don’t want them to – so there won’t be any of that stop and go that made me sick. How much does a water taxi cost? A lot less than a gondola

Check out prices here.


One of many beautiful little spots to explore

One last option, of course, is to walk through the beautiful city – my boyfriend and I did that on the way back to the train station and it was an amazing experience. You get to see SO much of the city that you would have missed otherwise.

So, bonus tip: definitely take a long walk through the city’s small streets – not just through the huge tourist areas. Venice is the most beautiful place on earth to get lost in.

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2 Comments on “Seasick in Venice, Italy

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Many websites I looked at said it’s very unlikely or even impossible to get seasick in Venice because the canal system does not have very many waves going through it. My husband gets terribly seasick and was concerned about our trip to Venice. We will keep these tips in mind – maybe opt to take a water taxi instead! Although I do see they would be more expensive than the water bus – I think that would be our best option, especially since we’re traveling with some luggage – I imagine that would be a nightmare if we also encountered a packed water bus like you did.

    • Yes water taxi would definitely be your best bet with luggage! I didn’t have luggage when I went, so it was non-issue, but I wouldn’t recommend getting on the water bus with a suitcase :). I didn’t actually get to go on a water taxi! Didn’t want to risk getting sick again, but wish I did!

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