Anyone that knows me can tell you there’s little I love more than a really great movie.

Fun fact: I write all the movie and TV show related content for a site called StreamsToday.

So today I was thinking I’d make a little list for those of you who love movies to inspire you to pack a suitcase and get out of wherever you are.

These are 5 movies that are sure to get you wanderlusting all week.

Vicky Christina Barcelona
This movie will make you want to go to Spain

Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Christina (Scarlett Johansson) are off to Barcelona for the summer, where they meet Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem). The two girls get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions with the mysterious painter who turns out to have an ex-wife who’s not yet out of the picture (Penelope Cruz). The adventures of this movie make you want to drop your life and go roam free Read More

I’m not really one to rant about food… I mean you eat it, it’s great, you forget about it; but the sandwiches at All’Anttico Vinaio in Florence are an exception to that rule. There is very little food that will make me say “wow”! This did.

Now, maybe someone will go on and say they’ve had a better sandwich – but I’m sorry you’re wrong. There are no better sandwiches. Anywhere. If you want to prove me wrong you can bring your sandwich to Florence and we’ll do a taste test. It will be the best €5 you spend in your life.

These are huge panini. They could be your lunch and your dinner, as they were on days for me when I was feeling particularly broke. I’ve seen even the biggest men fail Read More

If you travel one train stop past the towns of Cinque Terre you will end up in a beautiful small town called Moneglia.

This town was one of my favorite places in Italy.


Getting into town

My friends and I got there on a Saturday afternoon after a 4 hour journey from Florence. Once we arrived, after a lot of confusion about bus ticket prices and how to get to where we were going (there was one person working at the train station and he didn’t speak a word of English, and could not understand our broken Italian), a tiny bus took us to our bed and breakfast – Cielo e Mare. We were greeted by a lovely woman named Rita who showed us to our rooms. The view from the b&b was spectacular.
Read More

A short bus ride away from Florence, there’s a tiny town called Fiesole.

If you have a few hours to spare, you can take in one of the most beautiful views of Tuscany from here.

Lush green hills, olives trees spread out for miles, blue skies, a couple of castles, and a birds eye-view of Florence – that’s what I saw in Fiesole. When you’re walking up to the top of the town you could honestly start to believe you’re roaming through a still-life painting. Read More

Ahh Venice. The city of water, canals, bridges, love, glass, and….tourists.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not going to be a blog post complaining about tourists in one of the most visited places in the world.

The beauty of Venice is undeniable. The canals, the houses seemingly floating on water, the lack of cars, and boat travel make this a must-see place for any traveler. But let’s be honest, pushing through crowds all day gets exhausting, no matter how beautiful of a place you’re in. At some point you’re gonna wish you had a little spot to take it all in by yourself, without getting shoved by another tour group from God knows where.

gem-2ndJust at the point of my first visit to the breathtaking city when I thought I couldn’t take any more of the crowds, my friends and I stumbled upon a hidden gem. Read More

Did you know that Bellinis (the “girls night” favorite peach/ sparkling wine cocktails) were invented in Venice Italy?

I didn’t. Not until I got there. One of my friends (a major Bellini enthusiast) was adamant that we visit Harry’s Bar – the place where the worldwide-popular Bellini was invented. So we went.

The bar is in a main tourist area – it’s been standing there since 1931 (it is now considered a cultural landmark). As I found out later, it’s actually quite famous with celebrities – Ernest Hemingway used to frequent it, and other notable guests included Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, and Woody Allen! Maybe if I’d known this at the time of be more excited about my visit – but to me it just looked like a regular small bar walking in. Read More