Making Travel From Rome, Italy Easy

After spending a few days in Rome we were all set to head off to our next adventure in the gorgeous Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

We knew we were returning to Rome after spending a few days by the seaside; so it made no sense to lug our huge suitcases around there and back. All we needed was a couple of backpacks to carry some clothes and essentials.


I’d feel about as safe leaving my bag in the bushes of this park as most hotels

I know some hotels offer to keep your luggage for several days (if you are planning on returning to the same one), but many don’t; especially bed and breakfasts. Besides, unless they are very trusting of the hotel, most people feel anxious leaving their things at these spaces. So I searched for a place to keep our two suitcases online and found out you can leave your bags at the the Roma Termini (central train station in Rome).

Leaving your bags at the Termini costs €6 a bag for 5 hours and additional €0.90 every hour after that with running hours between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM. I found a much better alternative.

There’s a company called Bon-Bags that can store your luggage for any amount of time for a much lower price than Termini. We paid €22 for storing two suitcases for 3 days!


This was the only bag I brought with me – EASY.

Bon-Bags was extremely secure and professional. They offer to pick up your luggage from anywhere and drop it off anywhere for you, including the train station, airport, or any hotels; no matter what time (might be an extra small fee if it is outside operation hours, but they will still accommodate it!) it is a 24/7 service. We dropped off our own bags (we were staying close by and a taxi was cheap) but had we been staying further, their pick up and drop off service would have been a miracle.

Tip: don’t lug your suitcases all around Italy! I highly recommend Bon-Bags if you are leaving Rome for several days and returning afterwards. Here is a link to their site. The address is Via Del Castro Pretorio 32.


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  1. Very interesting… I will definitely consider this, because when I go to Italy in March Im planning to go to Florence from Rome for 4 days and then back, this would be nice to not worry about luggage. My question is, how do you know if someone has gone through your bag after you left it? How can you tell they are secure? Can you leave valuables? Is there something in place to prove your bag was not mishandled?

    • They do seal your bags in front of you and you have a matching barcode so you can see if the tag has been replaced/damaged 🙂

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