Magic Sandwiches in Florence – All’Antico Vinaio

I’m not really one to rant about food… I mean you eat it, it’s great, you forget about it; but the sandwiches at All’Anttico Vinaio in Florence are an exception to that rule. There is very little food that will make me say “wow”! This did.

Now, maybe someone will go on and say they’ve had a better sandwich – but I’m sorry you’re wrong. There are no better sandwiches. Anywhere. If you want to prove me wrong you can bring your sandwich to Florence and we’ll do a taste test. It will be the best €5 you spend in your life.

These are huge panini. They could be your lunch and your dinner, as they were on days for me when I was feeling particularly broke. I’ve seen even the biggest men fail to eat the whole thing in one sitting – and even if they did there is no way there would be room for more.


Via De Neri – the little street where All’Antico stands

I’m serious; I wish I could eat these sandwiches every day for the rest of my life. The first time I tried one was after my 9 hour plane flight to Florence from Toronto, and let me tell you when I bit it my taste buds danced with joy. I call them “magic sandwiches” because in my no-sleep post-flight delirium when I was face-timing my mom before bed I was talking about those sandwiches and when she asked me what they tasted like, I said “magic”.

Everyone I told to try them said the same thing, and judging from the Tripadvisor reviews other people agree.

When I first got to Florence it wasn’t tourist season quite yet, so there was no line at my favorite new eatery. However as time went on, I started noticing huge – sometimes up to 30 person – lines at my little shop.

That’s when I discovered a secret that saved me all the time in the world – the shop directly across the street sells the exact same sandwiches. One family owns both places – that fact is kept on the down low because the second one is tailored towards locals who don’t want to stand in long tourist-ridden lines.

My tip to you is: if you’re in Florence GO TRY All’Antico sandwiches! Just skip the 1 hour line and go directly across the street – you can ask for the “fabulosa” sandwich it’s their specialty – or just ask them to surprise you, I guarantee it will be delicious.

Bonus tip: grab some €2 self-serve wine while you’re there! It’s fantastic and goes perfectly with your meal.


The only, absolutely terrible, picture I have of those beauties

You can find All’Antico Vinaio Via de’ Neri 65/R-74r, 50122 Firenze

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