Fiesole, Italy – Town or Painting?

A short bus ride away from Florence, there’s a tiny town called Fiesole.

If you have a few hours to spare, you can take in one of the most beautiful views of Tuscany from here.

Lush green hills, olives trees spread out for miles, blue skies, a couple of castles, and a birds eye-view of Florence – that’s what I saw in Fiesole. When you’re walking up to the top of the town you could honestly start to believe you’re roaming through a still-life painting.

Fiesole1It is quite a long hike if you’re going to the top. But trust me it’s worth it – I love to exercise in general, so it was a no brainier for me – grab a big bottle of water and go. But even if you’re not the most active type yourself, you should take the walk up there as opposed to a car. Your body will thank you after all the pizza and pasta that I will go ahead and assume you’ve been eating if you’re in Italy (if you haven’t you’re doing Italy wrong).

Most of those castles you see are now museums – I didn’t have a chance to go in them, but if you have the time, you definitely should. You can find some ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins there. A good site to check out is Visit Florence.

Tip: Get there fast by taking the number 7 bus from Santa Maria Novella station (make sure you check the bus schedule first! It doesn’t run every day).

Bonus tip: go on the first Sunday of the month. There is an antique market in Piazza Mino – Fiesole’s main square every first Sunday every month.

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    • You most definitely should whenever you get the chance! I stayed in university for an extra semester, just to be able to study abroad in Florence – it was a wonderful experience. There are many small towns like Fiesole around Florence where you can go for wine tasting, Vespa rides, all sorts of cool things 🙂

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